Commercial Shopping centers

Arad Luxenburg Investments Ltd., has developed the Home Desigh Sgula, 11,000 Square Meters of a unique shopping design center in the city of Petach Tikva, in the Center of Israel.


The unique Home Desigh Center in the city of Petach Tikva, contains the most leading national tenants such as:


Carmel Carpets,


Negev Ceramic,


American Comfort,

Traklin electricity,

Doctor Gav

and Cafe Neeman.

Arad Luxenburg Investments Ltd., has also envole in the developed of a shopping center in the north part of Israel.

ארד לוקסנבורג השקעות בע"מ, יזמה והקימה את המרכז לעיצוב הבית הידוע בשם "הום דיזיין סגולה", 11,000 מ"ר של מרכז עיצוב  הבית הייחודי בעיר פתח תקווה, במרכז ישראל.

המרכז הייחודי  Home Desigh בעיר פתח תקווה, מאוכלס על ידי שוכרים ורשתות ארציות המובילות בתחום עיצוב הבית כגון:


שטיחי כרמל,

נגב קרמיקה, 


אמריקן קומפורט,

חשמל טרקלין,

דוקטור גב

וקפה נאמן.

ארד לוקסנבורג השקעות בע"מ, עוסקת גם ביזום ופיתוח של מרכזי קניות בצפון הארץ.

The Beitili store is a leading national chain of home furniture, and home styling fasion including seating systems, dining areas, sideboards, coffee tables, textiles, gifts, ornaments, lighting and floor coverings.
URBAN, a young, cheeky and refreshing design brand that will make you want to design your home.
Negev Ceramics for lovers of renovations or home builders who can enjoy a spectacular store of "Negev Ceramics", a flagship store located in the complex and featuring spectacular tile displays, bathroom accessories and sanitary ware.
Aminach markets adjustable systems of internationl brands, Serta beds and mattresses.
American Comfort offers visitors to the complex orthopedic chairs and TV armchairs.
Doctor Gav which presents youth beds, orthopedic living room seating systems with health products and unique TV armchairs.
Traklin Electric store for all electronic products.
Carmel Carpets the most quality Israeli leading manufacturer of carpets and flooring coverings presents a rich collection of carpets, floor coverings, rugs, natural wood flooring, laminated cladding, patterned floor tiles and floor mats.
SuperPharm in the pharmacy complex and a laboratory for creating medicines from the leading pharma company in Israel.
Bank Leumi Petah Tikva Business Branch.
Ma'afe Ne'eman a Coffe and Pastry shop a national chain restaurant, cafe and confectionery is strictly kosher.

Icon Fitness Club Advanced Gym from the Homeplace Group.